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Monday, 12 February 2018

RGSSA Event Program : 2018


Founded in Adelaide
10 July 1885


His Excellency
The Honorable Hieu Van Le AC
Governor of South Australia

The Society's Library and Office are located in the Mortlock Wing of the State Library of South Australia
North Terrace, Adelaide
South Australia

The object of the Society is to promote the understanding of geography among our members and the community.  Some of our activities include:
Coach tours, day and weekend excursions
Monthly talks on geographical topics
Publication of an annual SA Geographical Journal and bi-monthly newsletter (GeoNews)
Other occasional publications including South Australian regional guides

The Society is always interested in welcoming new members and volunteers 
Teachers: CPD certificates are available for lecture attendances
Please direct all enquiries to the Office Manager
For membership information please refer to the Society's website
also refer to our Member's Home Page

Lectures and talks are held in St Andrews Parish Centre
 43 Church Terrace, Walkerville
For the Centre, enter and park off Fuller Street car park 
NOTE: All meetings are on a Thursday at 5:30 pm unless stated otherwise
Please always check the listed venues and times with the Society

2018 Lecture Program

Thursday, 15th February
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre
'Towards Solutions for the River Murray'
Professor Justin Brookes

Thursday, 15th March
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre
'An insight into ancient cultural heritage : Easter Island and Peru' 
Joc Schmiechen

RGSSA Annual General Meeting
Thursday, 19th April
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre
'Dampier Archipelago : ancient wonders'
Dr Ken Mulvaney

RGSSA Awards 
Monday, 23rd April
5.30 pm
by invitation
in the presence of Governor of S.A.
Government House

Thursday, 17th May
5:30 pm
St Ignatius Hall
Corner Queen and William Street, Norwood
'Extreme events in Australia's geological past
 that you never knew existed'
 Dr Tom Raimondo

Thursday, 21st June
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre
'Explore with the Animals'
Professor Kris Helgen

Thursday, 19th July
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre
'Going Troppo : Architecture with a sense of place'
Professor Phil Harris

Thursday, 16th August
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre Theatre
'Reform in Australian Coastal Management'
Professor Nick Harvey

Thursday, 20th September
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre
'Seals of South Australia : biogeography, ecology
 and management'
Professor Simon Goldsworthy

Thursday, 18th October
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre
'Water management and Politics in Nepal'
Andrew Johnson PSM

Thursday, 15th November
5.30 pm
St Andrew's Centre
'Snowy Hydro : its history and renewable power generation'
Neil Thew

Thursday, 6th December
6:30 for 7:00 pm
Venue: TBA
Please mark this date in your diary

Online Lectures are available through the members portal on our website
Please also refer to our Member's Home Page

Proposed events for 2018 include:
'Fossils of the Ediacra'

May to June 2018
'Our Island Neighbours'

'Experience publishing formats from AD374'

The RBDG meets in the Society's rooms at 10:30 am 
on the 4th Thursday of the month
For further details contact the Society directly or through our website
[Please refer to previous post for all details concerning the RBDG program for 2018

 Search on 'Flinders Ranges Walks'
for this  logo in the Google App Store


In 2018, we are trying two work sessions only, each of 3 weeks.
This is because we see major work on the southern trails lessening
 and also the arrangement reduces travel to and from Adelaide.
North Flinders always requires more time.

Southern and Central Flinders
May 4-10
Mount Brown, Dutchmans Stern

May 11-22
Wilcolo, Bunyeroo Gorge, Yuluna
Aroona-Youngoona, Trezona

Dutchmans Stern Homestead, May 4-10
Oraparinna Shearers Quarters, May 11-22

Northern Flinders
June 18-6 July
Italowie, Balcanoona Creek, Monarch Mine,
Oppaminda-Nudalamutana, Acacia Ridge, Mawson-Spriggina, Bararranna,
Terrapinna Tors

At Grindell Hut, June 18-23
At Nudlamutana Hut, June 24-July 6
Dates and accommodation all confirmed

Further details can be obtained from the RGSSA's office
Tel: 08 8207 7265 or
email: admin@rgssa.org.au

See the GeoNews or contact the RGSSA's office for updates and more information
Further details for all 2018 'Program Events' will be advised in GeoNews
and through the Society's website: www.rgssa.org.au

The Library of the Society is located in the Mortlock Wing
 of the State Library of South Australia
 (pictured above)

Special Features
Rare Books:
Including twenty seven books published before 1599. The oldest is a beautifully bound version of Ptolemy's Geographia (1482). 
[Refer to previous posting of the RGSSA's Exhibition Catalogue for 2017 featuring many of the old books in the Collection including the Geographia
Geographia--title page
Over 200 manuscripts
Including a number of Australian explorer's diaries, eighteen original George French Angas watercolours and three manuscripts of Sir Joseph banks including his 1766 Newfoundland diary.

Over 800 maps: 
Including many South Australian maps which provide a record of discovery, exploration and settlement.
[Refer previous postings for examples of early SA maps, explorers and settlement history featured in last year's Exhibition: Images of the World : from Roman times to the digital age:
2017 Exhibition Catalogue : mapping the 'South Lands'
2017 Exhibition Catalogue : settlement of South Australia
2016 Exhibition Catalogue : Globalising Australia : Adelaide's role in the 19th century ]

 'Rio [de] Janeiro for the Convent of Santa Teresa', (1845) by George French Angas 
[Refer to previous posting of the Rare Book Discussion Group program for 2018 for an overview of works in the Collection by George French Angas. 'The amazing art of George French Angas' will be discussed by the Group, 22 November, 2018.]  
Including the journals of most Australian geographical, historical and Royal societies, the Linnean Society from 1791 and RGS London from 1831.

Pictorial collection:
Over 2,000 photographs, paintings and drawings including Francis Younghusband's 'lost' photographs of Tibet.

[The above photograph is one of the 'lost' photographs taken by  Lieutenant Colonel Sir Francis Edward Younghusband (1863-1942). Refer to previous posting of the RGSSA's Exhibition Catalogue for 2017 featuring these photographs taken on the Younghusband Expedition, 1903-1904.]

Artefacts/ relics
Collection includes Colonel Light's brass surveying level.

Colonel William Light's 'dumpy level'
[Refer previous posting of the RGSSA's Exhibition Catalogue for 2017 featuring the history of 'Light's level']
Most Library items are catalogued on the Society's website 
at: www.rgssa.org.au/Catalogue.htm

Previous Exhibition catalogues are available from the Society's website  
at: http://www.rgssa.org.au/Exhibitions.htm

Please refer also to the Library's digital catalogue [work in progress]
at: http://rgssa.slimlib.com.au:81/


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
10.00am to 1.00pm
Email: library@rgssa.org.au
Phone: 08 8207 7266

Tues (staffed) & Thurs (on-line)
10:00am to 1:00pm
Phone: 08 8207 7265
(Answer phones 24 hrs)
Email: admin@rgssa.org.au

Website: www.rgssa.org.au

Postal address:
PO Box 3661, Rundle Mall
Adelaide S.A. 5000

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